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Bold buyers

Bold buyers

In negotiating, the one with the walk away power “wins”. If both parties are willing to walk away then no deal. If the seller desperately needs to sell, the price goes down. If the buyer really wants to buy, the price goes up. It just makes sense.

In today’s market buyer’s assume that if your house is for sale then you desperately want to sell or you wouldn’t be trying (double that feeling if your house is vacant) so when offers are made, they are bold. Insultingly bold at times. Does this mean that they don’t like your house? Not at all. It means that they can’t tell their friends and family that they paid full price in this market without feeling foolish, even if they really like the house. They need to try. As a seller, you need to recognize this for what it is: their need to try.

In the last few months I have had several instances where the home was for sale but it was not a short sale and not a foreclosure, it was just people whose needs had changed, and when they received an offer at first they were thrilled – until they heard how much. The next stage is anger: is this what they think of my house? Should I even bother counter offering when we’re this far apart. And then we counter and they actually accept our counter. What? They accepted our counter? Really? We were so far apart.

In this market, buyers are bold because you don’t get a screaming deal if you don’t ask. But don’t be afraid to counter with what the house is worth because they are not just money hungry deal hunters, they’re people who want a home for their family. And this is where it’s not about who wins, it’s creating a win-win.

I suspect that it’s not just real estate that is experiencing bold buyers. Be confident in your product and don’t be afraid to counter offer. You’re worth it!