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Common buyer mistake #2: Buying something difficult to resell

Common buyer mistake #2: Buying something difficult to resell

I recently had a client who had purchased their home (before they knew me) without the services of a real estate agent. Why should they? They found a home on their own, they have the legal and technical skills necessary to put together the appropriate paperwork. What would they need the input of an agent for?

What they didn’t take into account is local stigmas for certain properties. The home that they purchased was on a gorgeous lot, nice floor plan, good condition. The areas where they grew up it was common to not have a basement, in the Grand Rapids area it is not. The home’s lack of basement was of little concern to them as they put in an offer, but when it came time to resell it made it very difficult.

As a real estate agent I have been through hundreds, if not thousands, of homes. When touring these homes I take notes as to whether the home is a good fit for the buyer or not. Upon doing this I have accumulated knowledge as far as how people react to certain features. Some things that may not bother you may bother the next buyer and that’s okay, you just need to adjust for it in the price that you are willing to spend.

The items that are detractors for resale changes based upon location and price range. If you don’t think about it as you’re buying, you’ll be forced to think about it when you’re selling!