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Don’t buy this house!

Some of my blog posts are meant to inform, this is just something that I saw that was so bad it almost became funny. We pulled up to the house and saw this:

Sometimes it’s hard to show what’s going on in a photo so let me describe it. Look to the upper left hand corner of the window and look at the bricks and how they are pulling away from each other. Could just be mortar repair, could be something structural. We almost pulled away without even looking inside but wanted to explore a little more. The kitchen was beautiful, but then moved to the living room where we saw this:

A crack basically dividing the room in half. Hmm, starting to go with the structural issues idea. Then we went to the basement:

You can’t see in the photo how the floor sunk towards the window, but you can see the cracking. Some cracking that run up and down is normal and part of the concrete settling. However, the cracks that run horizontally are a problem. The second photo shows the wall and how it is caving in.

I don’t see structural damage like this often and wanted to share. Great location, priced well (we thought) but don’t buy this house!!!