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Good pictures matter

Good pictures matter

When showcasing your home that is on the market, many aspects come into play. As a homeowner for example, you may want to touch up the large knick on the entrance wall or re-grout the bathroom, but have you ever considered how your REALTOR® will capture your home through photography? Photographs create an overall impression of your home and can make a buyer pass right by your online listing or urge them to delve deeper and schedule an appointment for a walk through.

Take the photographs below for example: this image was shot with the external flash faced directly into the space, creating brightness in the middle of the living room, yet very dark in the foreground – giving a sense that the rest of the house may be drab and with little natural light.

4 ZLiving room dark

Now compare that to the next image which was taken with the external flash facing upwards, with the light bouncing off the ceiling and walls, showcasing a bright, clean and vibrant space.

5 Living room

It is this type of example of professionalism and attention to detail that a seller should consider when choosing the right agent to list their home. A seller can fix every little kink in their house, which is important, but can be overshadowed by how your home is portrayed to buyers through picture. This is something that our team takes very seriously. We have invested into high quality photo equipment and do all we can to put our best foot forward online so that we can get the in person viewings that are deserved!