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Grand Rapids area schools – how does yours compare?

Here we are – back to school time! My son goes to a year-round school so he actually started a couple of weeks ago, but everyone else is gearing up to start in a couple of weeks. A question that I often get asked is: what’s the best school? My response is: the one that is the best fit for your child. There are large schools and smaller schools, urban, suburban and rural, some emphasis reading and some math. Some emphasize sports and some academics. Some of these factors are not easy to quantify. So, we tend to look at proficiency test scores to evaluate a school system, because that is easy to quantify. That is the information that I am providing below, but please understand that this is just one aspect of what goes into a child’s education. To truly get to know a district more research is necessary.

The chart below for the top area high schools within 20 miles of Grand Rapids. Some people are surprised to find out that the high school with the very highest scores is one the Grand Rapids Public Schools – City Middle and High School. I just wanted to point that out as a GRPS parent.

This information is from which has further information about the school districts and evaluates schools nationwide. It’s an interesting resource if you’re interested.

Below is a summary of the top scoring schools in the area:

Please contact me if you have any further questions about the Grand Rapids area.