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iPad for business

I admit it. I’m one of those people that tends to buy all things Apple. I got an iPhone on the first day it came out. Between my husband and I we own 5 Macs. When the iPad came out I wasn’t sure what to think of it. It looked pretty cool, but was it a justifiable expense? Well, it only took less than a week for me to convince myself that it was. So, now I’m sitting here in hindsight thinking about if it truly has changed the way I do business. In a word: absolutely.

Shortly after I purchased the iPad my printer broke and I was forced to figure out ways to go paperless as much as possible. iPad made that possible. The app that I used primarily in this effort was Zosh.

Zosh made it possible to add content or signatures to scanned in pdf files so that my assistant could type up a purchase agreement, save it as a pdf, upload it to Zosh, and then I could sit down with the client and sign the document. Then it was a simple e-mail to get it to either myself, the client, my assistant, the listing agent, or all of the above. Simple.

The other app that has really changed the way that I do business is Evernote. Evernote is a really cool app that reads content in pdfs and makes it searchable. I’ve started taking photos of business cards that I receive rather than throwing them in my drawer. I tag them for the place where I met that person, making them easy to find again. Although that’s kind of neat, the primary way that Evernote has changed my business is that it syncs between my iPhone, my iPad, my desktop computer, and my laptop. So now, I sync all of my client files so that they are in my purse all the time. There’s no other way that I would have searchable documents in my purse without this! Never again will I have to tell a client “I don’t have that in front of me right now, I’ll have to call you in the morning.”

Also, although I really love to read, I was finding it hard to get through the books that I wanted to. However, with iPad my book is always with me in my purse. If I have 5 minutes here and there for whatever reason, I can get through a few pages. It is wonderful being able to read more.

Lastly (for this blog post) I love having Netflix on my iPad! Anything that’s available to watch instantly I can watch on my iPad which has come in handy more than once with either my children or the children of my clients. It helps to keep them occupied so that we can complete closing or finish our discussion.

So, what started out to be somewhat of a frivolous purchase has turned out to be a highly portable and vital business tool!