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Parks & Recreation in East Grand Rapids

Reeds Lake has a history of being the center of everything that happens in East Grand Rapids. Back in the 20’s there was an amusement park in this area and currently this is where the beautiful Collins Park is. Part of what makes Reeds Lake so enjoyable is all the water sports that they have. There’s a boat launch, sailing, skiing, and a boat launch! Fishing is a great activity that you can do on Reeds Lake not only in the summer but also ice fishing in the winter. There is always activity on Reeds Lake! Reeds Lake trail is a 4 mile trail that goes all the way around the lake that’s great for bikers, runners, walkers, roller-bladers, and dog walkers. Every weekend there is something going on, such as 5k‘s and fundraiser walks. Then there’s Manhattan Park which is another great place to go with your family. There’s a children’s play area, beach volleyball, a pavilion for hosting parties, and a sliding hill.