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Staging a house to sell

Staging a house to sell

When my husband and I made the decision to sell our house we had to have a shift in thinking. We were no longer living in the home where we have marks on the wall marking our children’s growth, the place that we’ve put our hearts into decorating our way. We were now turning our home into a house that someone else will see as a piece of inventory, one of 6 houses they are looking at that day. So, I become my own client and go through room by room.

There are some rules that I’ve learned along the way:
1) Clutter is very distracting for buyers. They may be able to look past it to a certain degree, but don’t count on it. Put as much away as you can stand.
2) Too much furniture in a room makes it look smaller. Remove unnecessary pieces.
3) Neutral paint colors are the best so that people don’t see a project. However, an accent wall can bring life to a room.
4) Absolutely no wallpaper.
5) Hardware can make your kitchen look dated before anything else and is the cheapest to update.
6) Be wise with your money, but don’t be too stingy when it comes to staging as it truly does pay back. If it doesn’t pay back monetarily, it will in time on market.

So, we purged closets, put away little played with toys, cleared counter tops, stored away unnecessary furniture, painted yellow walls and made them tan. These were all relatively minor. The big project was the kitchen.

Our kitchen went from this:
Kitchen before

Notice the dated cupboards, the clutter on the refrigerator, to line of small appliances on the counter tops, the wash cloth in the sink. Certainly clean enough to have company over, but doesn’t accentuate the good things about the kitchen. We decided to spend some money on new cabinet doors. The sides and shelving are fine, we just wanted to update the look. So we got unstained doors, took them to Seven’s for exact matching and then got to work. And it was worth it.



Afterward, we got this:

Kitchen after

Notice that we took all the small appliances off the counters, removed all the magnets from the refrigerator, updated the hardware. The big change is the cabinets, it now really sets off the stainless appliances.

The effort was worthwhile. We had an almost full-priced offer in 3 weeks. Could we have sold without these items? yes. However, we would not have gotten the price that we did. No regrets for the time or money!