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Why should you get a recommendation for a contractor?

Why should you get a recommendation for a contractor?

We’ve all worked with plenty of contractors – from plumbers to landscapers to painters to electricians. But how do you typically find those contractors? We bet your good friend Google has helped you out in many occasions. But is that always the best decision?

Searching online and sorting through all of the reviews can lead to a good experience with a helpful contractor. But spending all of that time takes just that, your valuable time. Plus, there are many companies that don’t have any reviews at all.

It’s best to ask family, friends, and trusted professionals for their recommendations. It can save you time, money, and many headaches. Choosing a vendor at random can lead to poor work, undependability, and in the worst case, someone who disappears after taking your money.

The JulieGR Real Estate Team is always here to provide referrals for any home service that you may have. We’ve worked with many contractors over the years who have done great work for us and our clients and we’d be happy to pass along their contact information.

Another resource to consider is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Companies that are accredited by the BBB must go through a vetting process before becoming accredited. Accreditation requires businesses to uphold the BBB Code of Business Practices so you’re more likely to have a good experience with contractors who have gone through the process.


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