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Be patient and then be fast

Be patient and then be fast

What’s the key to finding a “hot deal” in today’s real estate market?

1) Know what you’re looking for and be able to recognize a hot deal
2) Patiently sort through listings every day looking for this property
3) When it comes on the market, drop everything and go look at it right now and then make an offer

I have experienced where buyer’s think that they have the world at their feet and no one else is out there trying to buy a home so every seller should be on their hands and knees begging them to purchase the home. There are desperate home sellers where this is true, however the “hot deal” home this is not true. Homes that are underpriced for the market move quickly.

Investors who are looking for a home to flip must be especially aware of undervalued homes as they come on the market. To get this magnitude of a discount takes patience, but then you have to be fast. Be very aware of what a good deal is to you so that when the opportunity comes along you don’t lose out from being unable to make a quick decision – because there will be someone else who already did.