Buy and sell at the same time


Get clear on what needs to happen to do both seamlessly.

Buying and selling at the same time can be stressful, from figuring out financing to making sure you have a home during the process. Luckily, helping our clients buy and sell at the same time is our favorite thing (and we’re pretty great at it).

Why Buy & Sell at the Same Time with The JulieGR Team?

  • Julie Grevengoed, REALTOR® is a former CPA and knows the ins and outs of financing and will walk you through your options for financing your new home.
  • We start by asking the question, “Which is scarier – Owning two homes or owning zero homes?” Knowing your situation, what you can afford, and what your temporary housing options are all play a big part.
  • We will connect you to the right lender based on your goals for buying and selling at the same time. Lenders specialize in different loan programs that you can take advantage of when transferring from one home to another.
  • Our team knows this market like the back of our hand and will help you determine best practices based on current conditions.
  • With two transactions potentially happening at once, organization and communication is key between all parties. Our team has systems in place that will ensure both the buying and selling side are kept on track. We handle each process professionally and are organized and communicative from start to finish.
  • Our services don’t stop when you buy or sell your home. We will remain available to help you with the transfer and with all things home-ownership.
  • We take COVID seriously and take precautions to keep our team and clients safe.

How we have helped our clients buy and sell at the same time

New construction

Our clients found a development that was perfect for them. We helped them purchase a lot, then helped them to sell their home. After closing on their home they used the funds to close on their new construction loan.

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Back to Back move Up

Our clients found a house that they loved! They were able to sell their home quickly which allowed them to close on both homes on the same day.

Did you know even if you would like to sell first there are options in finding your dream house?

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Buying before selling

Our clients were approved with their lender to borrow against the equity of their current house so that they could buy their ideal home and move in completely before getting to the closing table for the sale of their house.

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Downsizing plus a lakehouse

These clients have always wanted to live downtown, so when they became empty nesters they sold their home and moved into an apartment in the city. They also wanted a get away and were able to get that with a lake front cottage.

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Sell, Rent, Buy

Our clients wanted to be in a different district for the school year so we helped them sell their home ASAP. They temporarily moved into a rental while we went door to door in their dream neighborhood. Our strategy worked and a month later they were closing on their dream home.

Did you know there are options for short term housing?

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Buy a condo, sell the house

These clients had slowly been looking for the perfect condo. When the right one came up they were able to borrow from their retirement account and purchase the condo first, and then replenish those funds when their home sold shortly after that.

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