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Fulton Street Farmers Market – strengthening our community

Fulton Street Farmers Market – strengthening our community

Lately I have discovered the joy and flavor of fresh, local vegetables.  As it becomes more common to transport food around the country so that you can purchase things that aren’t in season here, the way that farmers raise vegetables have changed.  They are starting to look for the variety that ships the best, rather than the variety that tastes the best.  It’s been with great wonder that I have discovered vegetables that I always thought that I hated and found out that when it’s fresh and in season that I actually really enjoy it.

Where do you go to get this?  For me, the nearest is the Fulton Street Farmers Market.  I tend to go on Wednesday mornings because it’s not as crowded as Saturday (plus, I’m usually working on Saturday so I’ve been known to take Wednesday morning off) and take my time looking at the produce, asking questions of the farmers, and conversing with the neighbors that I run into there.  It’s a wonderful experience.  And about to get better.

Fulton Street Farmers Market is about to get a facelift.  I’m so excited!  Fundraising efforts have been underway to renovate the market and make it a year round venture.  You can read about this addition by clicking here.

Isn’t this a real estate blog?  What does this have to do with real estate?  Nothing and everything.  Buying a house is more than just a roof over your head and a mortgage payment to make, you’re buying a place to lay roots and make a home.