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About Grandville

Grandville, Michigan

A city of about 15,000 just to the west of Grand Rapids, Grandville offers many great amenities with a small town friendliness and close knit neighborhoods. People come from all over West Michigan to shop in Grandville. Rivertown Crossings Mall is one of the largest regional malls in West Michigan and along with it comes many big box national stores such as Target, Home Depot, Best Buy and one of the state’s two Cabela’s stores. Dozens of national retailers and famous chain restaurants can be found along Rivertown Parkway and in the area of the mall. If small, local shopping is more your style, there is also a thriving retail community in downtown Grandville. From jewelers to bookstore to a great running store to coffee shops you can find what you need there and have fun while you’re doing it! Grandville has many parks including Heritage Park which has a playground, pond, basketball courts and trails. The North side of Grandville has Johnson Park, which also has trails and an amazing sledding hills. You won’t be short of finding great recreation here.

Schools - Video

When people are exploring which community that they would want to live in, one of the first things they may consider is the school district. There is nothing to be disappointed in here in Grandville. Grandville High School is one of the larger high schools in the area with about 1,800 students. The education at Grandville is excellent. Almost 40% of the student body participates in Advanced Placement classes and average scores on the Michigan Merit Exam are well above the state average.

Homes in Grandville - Video

The homes of Grandville are diverse. From historic areas near downtown to new construction, from small ranches to sprawling estates, Grandville had a lot to offer. With close proximity to the highway, Grandville is a great community for those who work in Grand Rapids or the Lakeshore and due to it’s central location it is a very attractive place to live for a variety of people.

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