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About Rockford

Rockford, Michigan

One of the key features of Rockford is it’s natural beauty, lakes and river. The Rogue River flows right through it’s quaint downtown and the White Pine Trail goes along side it. There are frequent concerts in the band shell that is right by the dam. There are also several all-sport lakes nearby such as Silver Lake, Meyers Lake and Bostwick Lake. If you’re looking for lake front living but want a lake that isn’t as large as Lake Michigan, Rockford is a great place to consider.  Downtown Rockford features many great restaurants and boutique shops as well as many main street type businesses.


Rockford Public Schools

Rockford has an excellent school district. With over 1,900 students in the high school it is one of the largest in the area. They have some incredible athletic programs and bring the community together to cheer on the Rockford Rams! Rockford is a large school district geographically as well with 8 different elementary schools in different areas which ultimately feeds into one high school. There are many different opportunities for students here.

Homes in Rockford - Video

There are many great housing options in Rockford. The school district of Rockford is made up of several different areas: the city of Rockford and parts of Algoma, Cannon, Courtland, Grattan, and Oakfield townships. This is a huge area! Going as far north at 14 mile and as far south as 4 mile you can imagine that there are many different sub-areas. The downtown area is more dense and is near to more shopping and restaurants whereas many of the townships feel more rural and so many people seeking homes with acreage find great options there. Because of the strength of the school system and the economic strength of the area due to major employers such as Wolverine Worldwide there are many many new construction developments. So if you’re looking for rural or downtown, historic or new you’re sure to find the right home.

Rockford Homes for Sale - List

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Rockford Homes for Sale - Map

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