Our Beliefs & Values – Why We Love Real Estate

Why do we love real estate? I’m going to start with our belief system here at Clarity Realty and that covers why I believe so strongly in real estate.

We believe that housing is a basic human need and it plays a key role in a person’s life both as a home and for their financial future. Just as an aside (this isn’t in our belief statement): the average net worth of a homeowner is forty times greater than that of a renter. It is something that I wholeheartedly believe in – that people should be homeowners. Beyond the financial benefits, it is also your piece of dirt. It is that thing of yours that you can be proud of and that you can paint whatever color you want. I just don’t think there’s anything like it. So, all of that to say is, yes, I’m in sales and I love sales but I also truly and deeply believe in my product. That’s what’s awesome about real estate – we get to help people in this thing that is really, really amazing.

Real estate agents have an immense opportunity to impact the lives of the people they serve as well as their own lives because it’s so important. Obviously, we impact our own lives by being able to make a living but we also can impact the lives of the people we’re serving by doing a great job for them. People don’t usually move because it sounds like fun; nobody’s ever said that. The result and the new house is fun but the process isn’t; the process is stressful. I consider it a great privilege to stand with people through that, especially when there’s a stressful life event that’s causing them to move.

For agents, the opportunity of being a real estate agent is available to all ages, gender, and races and it’s only limited by our work ethic and skill. What’s awesome about real estate is that you create your own destiny. I have new agents come to me all the time, a little apprehensive. They ask, “Since it’s commission, do you think I can have an income? Am I going to make it?” The answer is: if you want to. It’s not easy but if you want it, there’s a way. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone can make a way and there is nothing holding you back but you. If you want to make it you, you can make it.

The role of a broker (so for me) is to serve their clients at the very highest level by providing the necessary support, tools, and knowledge. The name “Clarity” is intended to reflect our mission on both the client and agent level. In order to make good decisions, we will provide all the information that they need. That’s the whole idea of the name Clarity. Our role to both our agents and our clients is to educate them and not make decisions for them but give them all the information that they need to make a good decision.

So that’s a little bit about my belief in our industry and what we’re doing here.

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