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Set Up Your Automatic Home Search

How to Set Up Your Automatic Home Search

Let’s set up your automatic home search so you get email updates whenever a house is listed that matches what you are looking for. There are a few reasons setting up the search this way is so important:

  • Our searches pull from GRAR, a REALTOR® run service. This means the listing updates you receive will be in real time with accurate information.
  • Signing up for our search is different from sites like Zillow and Trulia. Zillow (and similar sites) are not run by REALTORS® so anyone can go in and input a listing. This means your search might be including out of date listings and you could potentially fall in love with a house that isn’t actually on the market.
  • When you sign up for an automatic search on our website, you also get access to a portal where you can see all of your saved searches in one spot. You’ll also have access to market reports and other important buyer information.
  • You can set up searches based on a map. This is helpful if location is important to you in your search. Sometimes it’s easier to set up based on a map rather than trying to base it off street names and zip codes.

Here is a step by step guide on how to set up your automatic search! (It takes less than two minutes!) If you would like us to set up your automatic search for you, simply email us and let us know you would like your search set up.

Step 1:


Head to our website to get started. Once there, enter in your information. This will allow you to save your searches and get the automatic email updates that you want.

Step 2:


Once you’re signed up, it will take you into your account dashboard. From here you can begin setting up your search by clicking on “Search Listings” as you see in the photo below.

Step 3:


This is the part where you enter in what exactly you are looking for. You can use the “Map Search” along the top if you would like to search solely by location. Once you have inputted what you are searching for, click “Search.”

Step 4:


When your search results appear, you will see the option to “Save Search.” Click on that button to save the search and receive updates whenever a listing meets that criteria.

Step 5:


Now that you have your first search saved, you can head into the “Account” drop down, where you can access your “Account Settings.” Make sure your email notifications are turned on so you get emailed right away when a new listing matches your search!

You are all set! If you would rather have us set up your automatic search for you, simply email us and let us know you would like your search set up.