Forest Hills

The area has two main business sections. Quaint and historical Ada village offers a unique shopping, dining, and dessert experience. Some of the local stomping grounds include the Schnitz Ada grill, Grand Gallery Fine Art, Betsy’s Pottery and Fine Crafts, Spoonlickers frozen yogurt shop and Gravel Bottom Brewery.

The Cascade Business area is centered around Cascade Road and a few miles of the busy 28th Street. Here you’ll find grocery stores, big box stores, national chains, auto dealers and several local businesses and restaurants.

One of the great features of Ada and Cascade are the parks and natural beauty of the area. Ada features the historic covered bridge which crosses over the Thornapple River, which is a trademark of the area. The river is wide and miles long has a dam makes a large lake area where residents can enjoy water sports.

Ada Township park is also a resident favorite. Featuring playgrounds, walking paths and softball fields this park is seldom quiet. The Ada/Cascade area also has miles and miles of trails for running and biking. It’s a little hilly so make sure you’re prepared!


One of the most notable features of this area is the great Forest Hills school district. The Forest Hills Public Schools are made up of 8 elementary schools (including specialty schools such as Spanish and Chinese immersion), 3 intermediate schools, 3 middle schools and 3 high schools – Central, Northern and Eastern.

The school district is geographically very large, covering most of Ada, Cascade and Grand Rapids townships, but they have kept their schools smaller by creating new schools. Most recently, in August 2004 they opened Forest Hills Eastern.  This helps keep opportunities open for a greater number of students.

U.S. News and World Report has rated Central High School as #13 in the entire state of Michigan.


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